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A note about references

References are important, especially when it comes to who's caring for your children. We have some comments from current and former clients on this website, but Diane is always happy to provide you with the contact information of current and former clients so you can hear the references for yourself.


Testimonials from parents:

  • I have three children, ages 2, 6, and 9. We have been going to Diane for 7.5 years. All my children have received excellent care and have enjoyed the time spent there. My sister has had her kids go there until school age, and now my youngest sister is pregnant and will send her newborn. It is a family atmosphere that provides warmth and security. I feel secure knowing Diane is taking care of my kids.
    -Michelle Denny
  • ur two children were very unhappy at the more "institutionalized" daycare centers, and were both relieved and happy when we found Diane. Our son enjoys it so much that he even asks to go to Diane's when he doesn't need to. It has been our experience that in-home daycares are much more personalized.
    -Ann Wornstaff
  • Diane cared for my children for 10.5 years. My oldest son was almost three and my youngest was two months when we first started at Diane's. Our family has dependent on Diane's quality daycare. She has provided an in-home daycare setting that actually cares. Diane provides appropriate discipline as well as interaction with the kids; engaging them with "thinking" activities, games, and physical activities. She has helped us raise sons that are responsible and well-behaved.
    -Debbie Meyers
  • From a family that moved away: Thank you very much for everything over the past year. You have been wonderful. Jordan and Connor will miss you a lot.  -Heather and Gary Scholten

Testimonials from children:

  • Diane lets us listen to music on the way to school. She's always there to get me after school, and I like talking to her. -Joshua
  • At my old daycare they didn't have many toys you could play with in the morning. At Diane's house you can use a whole lot more toys. -Sean, who used to attend a large daycare
  • I like to build things with the big boxes at Diane's! -Rick, age 6
  • My favorite thing is the dress up clothes. - Brooke, age 3