Boulevard Lane Daycare

Boulevard Lane Daycare Program Information


Providing quality daycare for
families in South King County since

Diane's Philosophy About Daycare

Daycare Should:

1. Keep kids physically safe. My home daycare has had no serious injuries (only skinned knees and bumps) in over 20 years.

2. Let kids feel emotionally safe and secure. No violent toys, play, or talk are allowed. No one is teased or bullied. I tell all kids it's okay to have a special friend or not to like someone, but everyone at my house is treated with kindness and respect. As Thumper's father advised in Bambi, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

3. Be a learning experience.
-I talk constantly to infants in my care and encourage the older children to help the babies with language development. I have a safe place where babies are encouraged to practice rolling, crawling, and walking. 
-I work with preschoolers on pre-writing, writing, counting, alphabet and number recognition, and beginning letter sounds.
-I am happy to help older kids with homework. I leave this decision up to parents, as sometimes they prefer to do this work with their children. I also play group games with kids that keep them thinking.

4. Be entertaining. I have a large variety of toys and activities from which to choose, including a backyard with play equipment. 


Diane's Education and Experience

-Daycare provider since 1983
-Raised three children
-BA in Psychology with an emphasis in early childhood development, graduated cum Laude
-Minor in elementary education
-Two years substitute teaching

Infant and toddler activities

-One-on-one relationship with the same provider every day
-Baby and toddler swings, jumpers, and seats
-Playpens for napping
-Safe outdoor areas for toddlers
-Safe indoor area for infants to crawl, begin walking, and play with infant toys

Preschool activities

-Beginning writing and counting activities
-Number and alphabet recognition
-Name writing

Outdoor equipment and activities

-Outdoor play area with fenced yard
-Swingset with bars and slide
-Junior basketball hoop
-Balls, badminton, jump ropes, hopscotch, skip it, and child-safe yard darts
-Riding toys, such as roller racers for school-aged children, firetruck, trikes, small bikes, and big wheels
-Large boxes and blankets for building

Summer Field Trips

-Local parks
-Movie theater
-Library activities
-Chuck E. Cheese
-Bounce It Up

Information about USDA Food Program

When choosing a home daycare provider, make sure they use the USDA Food Program. Not only are your children served nutritious meals, but Food Program workers visit daycares three times a year to make sure they are meeting the USDA requirements. All three visits are surprise drop-ins.