Infant and toddler activities

-One-on-one relationship with the same provider every day
-Baby and toddler swings, jumpers, and seats
-Playpens for napping
-Safe outdoor areas for toddlers
-Safe indoor area for infants to crawl, begin walking, and play with infant toys

Preschool activities

-Beginning writing and counting activities
-Number and alphabet recognition
-Name writing

Outdoor equipment and activities

-Outdoor play area with fenced yard
-Swingset with bars and slide
-Junior basketball hoop
-Balls, badminton, jump ropes, hopscotch, skip it, and child-safe yard darts
-Riding toys, such as roller racers for school-aged children, firetruck, trikes, small bikes, and big wheels
-Large boxes and blankets for building

Summer Field Trips

-Local parks
-Movie theater
-Library activities
-Chuck E. Cheese
-Bounce It Up